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February 14, 2007


Bill Binnig

Thanks for giving Click-and-Connect a try. I'm the VP-Marketing at Jaduka and would love to get your feedback after you've had it up on your site for a while. Send me an email at bill@jaduka.com.

In your post you posed the question as to why people prefer Click-and-Connect over dialing a number...

Consider this scenario: a customer sees the 800# posted on your site, he turns in his chair to dial his phone, he looks back at his computer to read the number, turns back to the phone to dial, looks back at the computer to remember the last few digits, turns back to the phone, realizes that he's punched in the wrong number, hangs up the phone, turns back to the computer to read the number, turns back to the phone... etc., etc., etc. Sound familiar?

Compare that to: a user clicks a button, then types in his own number (which will be auto-populated if he has used Click-and-Connect before), he clicks 'Connect,' then just picks up his ringing phone. Click-and-Connect really is easier to use.

And, with the growing popularity of wireless headsets, users simply click a button on your website and then push the button on their wireless earbud and they're connected.

Chris Contois

Thanks for your insight and for sharing additional uses with our blog. You brought up a couple of interesting points. As I gain callers feedback on their experience with Click-and-Connect I will make sure to share it with you. Also, thanks for the 60 minute trial.



Interesting reading. I can understand both sides of this discussion but I tend to lean with Chris. The only time I can use a click to call feature is when I am sitting ay my computer, and when at my computer I tend to communicate more with email. When I am not at my computer I must dial my phone as normal. The problem is that instead of just using a phone normally, like I have for years, now there is but another way to do something. Is there really a problem with dialing 10 digits or as a society are we yet again trying to solve a problem that really does not exists?
For the record I have a click to call feature on my website that connects to our corporate PBX. To date I don't think one person has used it.

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